MSG(R) Michael Hammond

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of MSG(R) Michael Hammond. MSG(R) Hammond spent most of his career in 2/5, finishing his Team Sergeant time on 5223. On 28 January, Mike finally lost his battle with cancer. MSG(R) Hammond will be laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery at a date to be determined.

MSG(R) John Sieh

It is with heavy heart that we announce the passing of MSG(R) John Sieh.
His wife has asked for us to share the information for his memorial services and invite anyone who wishes to attend –
There are no words to express my thanks for the outreach and support my family and I have received from the Special Forces, law enforcement, and correctional community since the passing of my beloved husband, John Sieh. All of you are the best and John would be so happy that we are being taking care of in this way.”

Anglin Funeral Home
402 Donelson Parkway
Dover, TN 37058
Visitation: Thursday, February 4th from 4-8 pm

Chapel Service Friday, February 5th at 11 AM
Burial: 1 PM, Friday February 5th

Kentucky Veterans’ Cemetery West
5817 Fort Campbell Blvd.
Hopkinsville, KY.

2021 Robin Moore & Karen Stone Scholarship Announcement


(The LTG William P. Yarborough Chapter)

PO Box 223, Ft. Campbell, KY 42223

2021 Robin Moore / Karen Stone Scholarship Announcement

            Chapter 38 is announcing college scholarships in the following disciplines – General Studies, Vocational, and Arts. General Studies are those pursuing traditional education outside of Arts or Vocational; Arts disciplines are those pursuing education in traditional art fields (music, visual, dance, theater), but will also include education in architecture, media arts, and computer design; Vocational are those pursuing skills required for a specific trade (carpentry, welding, plumbing, etc).  

            Three scholarships of $2,500.00 each will be awarded – one per discipline.  Through our scoring template, the priority will go to graduating high school seniors; however, this priority should not prevent college enrollees, those previously attempted but denied, or those enrolling in post graduate education from submitting packets.

            Additionally, the submission of a scholarship packet with Chapter 38 does not preclude those authorized from participating in the SFA National Education Assistance Fund or the SF Scholarship Program (These are completely different programs and the requirements differ slightly from those of Chapter 38).

Requirements:  Must be a current member, or family member of a current member, of Chapter 38; or currently assigned, or family member, of a Soldier currently assigned to the 5th Special Forces Group (SFG).

To apply – the following documentation is required:

  1. An introduction letter from applicant, stating area of discipline (GEN, ART, VOC) and intent.  This should be addressed to the SFA 38 Scholarship Committee.
  1. A written letter from applicant’s sponsor (Current Chapter Member) addressed to SFA 38 Scholarship Committee; for non-members, a sponsorship letter from a Senior Non-Commissioned Officer or Officer currently assigned (as of 1 January 2021) to the 5th SFG (affiliation will be verified).
  1. For impending High School Graduates, a copy of current high school transcripts and an acceptance letter from the intended college of choice; for Under Graduate / Post Graduates, a current / most recent college transcript(s).
  1. Three recommendation / sponsorship letters, in addition to that previously outlined in #2; for those applying for the Karen Stone Arts Scholarship, one of these letters must come from an arts instructor, teacher, coordinator in order to verify history, desire, and future intent to pursue an Arts education.

All required documents must be postmarked no later than 15 April 2021 to the address on the above letterhead.

Questions regarding any requirements need to be addressed to the Scholarship Committee chairperson at