About Us

Chapter 38 is a subordinate chapter to the National Special Forces Association, a non-profit (501c-19) Veterans’ organization for current and retired Army Special Forces Soldiers.  Established in 1964, at Ft. Bragg, NC, with 88 chapters located in the United States as well as Panama, South Korea, Germany, Thailand, Okinawa, and the Philippines; Chapter 38 is the Association’s second largest chapter.  The reason for the chapter’s being is the location of the 5th Special Forces Group (‘The Legion’) at Ft. Campbell, KY; Chapter 38 has been aligned with ‘The Legion’ since its organization in 1988, soon after the arrival of the unit to Ft. Campbell in 1986.

The Association is a Veteran Service Organization; accordingly, the purpose or Mission for which the Association and Chapter was formed is;

  • To educate members and the public regarding the history, present contributions, and future development of Army Special Forces (consistent with security regulations).
  • To assist in keeping Special Forces units adequately manned and equipped for the defense of the United States and the Free World by promoting Special Forces as the premier combat force within the Army.
  • To unite fraternally all persons who are now or have been assigned to Army Special Forces.
  • To perpetuate the traditions of Army Special Forces
  • To commemorate fittingly the memory of Special Forces troops who have given or shall give their full measure in defense of the Free World.
  • To forward and promote the general welfare and prosperity of its members and to improve their status and conditions.
  • To provide inspiration and esprit de corps for all Special Forces Units.
  • To assist, by all lawful means and within the chapter’s capabilities, the needs of Soldiers and their families, of the Special Forces unit geographically located within the area. (*) 

(*) – applies only to those chapters in close proximity to an active duty Special Forces unit.

Our Officers

PresidentSGM(R) Terry Pevehouse Jr.
(931) 241-0573
Vice-President CW5(R) Jamie Korenoski
Secretary CSM(R) Michael Cunningham
(931) 624-6102
Assistant Secretary CW3(R) Zachary Leggett
(931) 241-0969
Treasurer CSM(R) Frank McFadden
(931) 237-7739
Assistant TreasurerMSG(R) Israel Betanzos
(270) 498-7703
Quartermaster SFC Devin Ketchem
(757) 254-7339
Property Book Officer SGM(R) Rick Maywald
(270) 348-2740
Event Coordinator Vacant (contact if you would like to volunteer)