Message From Our President


Fall has officially arrived. As we welcome the break in the weather and change in season we can look forward to the upcoming holidays and all we have to celebrate this year.

The chapter is in coordination with The Legion to supportĀ a Trunk or Treat event for the Soldiers and families in hopes of brightening some spirits and allowing them to come together to enjoy anĀ evening of camaraderie and friendship. We are also excited to announce that Montgomery County has given the ok for the Veterans Day Parade. As has become customary the chapter, SFBMC and an ODA from the Legion will support the event so hoping to see some of you out there.

While the earlier months of 2020 have been challenging due to COVID, it’s good to see things slowly returning to a state where we can all come together again. We hope that we start seeing more of you at events as this year slowly comes to an end. For all that you do everyday to support The Legion, this Chapter and each other, we thank you.


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